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S.T. Dupont From Paris With Love - 2019


S.T. Dupont pays tribute to the city of lights with its last limited edition “From Paris with Love”.

PREMIUM COLLECTION: includes a Ligne 2 Premium lighter, a Ligne D Premium fountain pen and a Ligne D Premium convertible rollerball. Each item of the collection is modeled after the beautiful Haussmann buildings of Paris: cream-grey Paris stone walls, ornamental balconies, zinc roof with circular windows. The main entrance of the building is decorated with the gold “D” of S.T. Dupont. Gold accents.

SMOKING KIT AND WRITING KIT: both the kits are presented in a glass globe, and are a reproduction of a different skyline of Paris. The kit features also a miniature gas lamp, with LED lightning. Limited to only 399 individually numbered pieces. Available on order.

COLLECTOR SET: presented in a glass globe is a reproduction of a Parisian skylight. The Set features both the Ligne 2 lighter and the Ligne D pen. Inside the globe there are two miniature gas lamps, with LED lightning. The presentation stand has a drawer inside with a gold finished ashtray. Limited to only 300 individually numbered pieces. Available on order.

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