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S.T. Dupont Fuente Opus X 25th Anniversary

S.T. DUPONT FUENTE COLLECTION, CELEBRATING A SHARED PASSION FOR CRAFTSMANSHIP AND HERITAGE The launch of the Fuente Collection from S.T. Dupont marks a new milestone in their proud collaboration with the Fuente family, who are driven by passion to create legendary excellence for the world of cigars. When the first Fuente cigars were meticulously hand-rolled in 1912, founder Arturo Fuente could never have dreamed that his passion for cigars would become a global benchmark for the cigar industry. The Fuente collection from S.T. Dupont marks the 25th anniversary of Arturo Fuente’s highly sought-after OpusX cigars, paying tribute to the intricate art of crafting a premium cigar.

The Fuente Collection and S.T. Dupont, a legendary heritage The enjoyment of a fine cigar is always enhanced by the quality of the lighter, and as a mark of prestige S.T. Dupont have launched two special edition Fuente Line 2 lighters. The first is a testament to S.T. Dupont’s engraving exper-tise, crafted in an elegant rose gold finishes which proudly carries the 25th anniversary engraving and is completed with edging in a pink gold finish. The S.T. Dupont artisans have also created a special commemorative natural lacquer lighter in the signature Fuente black and green, with Fuente and the number 25 detailed in green to celebrate the milestone anniversary and Opus defined in a yellow gold finish.

To add to the collection, S.T. Dupont’s high performance Maxijet lighter model has been designed to feature a striking Chateau de la Fuente design, complemented with a sleek cigar cutter, bearing the OpusX 25th anniversary motif. As a finishing touch to this special collection, S.T. Dupont artisans have crafted a distinctive Line D rollerball writing instrument in black lacquer and pink gold finishes.

A collection crafted to inspire true cigar aficionados for generations to come, enhance the time-honored rituals of a fine cigar with the Fuente Collection from S.T. Dupont.

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